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What do you think of the vintage style

Dead culture?
Or in full development?

Of course, the vintage style cannot be called so unless it is sparse or unusual. But do what you like, if you like the Vintage style, then dress vintage or do whatever you want to.

Are you asking if it’s still trendy and marketable? Absolutely! I think vintage styles will always be popular to some degree, if only because people tend to be nostalgic.

That was my short reply.

Here’s what happens when I over-analyze:

“Vintage” can apply to a variety of time periods and cultures, so if you’re considering making a gig to design vintage banners or logos, etc., then you might want to specify the style or era to avoid possible confusion.

For example, I was born in the in the U.S. in the 1980’s, feel very sentimental about the 1990’s grunge period, and also love the flapper-style of the 1920’s and the hippy culture of the 1960’s. But “vintage” could describe all of them. And that just scratches the surface of American vintage possibilities. As an international marketplace, the term becomes almost meaningless…


thanks for comment, excellent answer


Vintage style in what? If you mean furniture, yes. If you mean gigs or advertising, no.
Clothing no.

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I like vintage advertisements and logos.

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you are right is a very broad style, that’s why I did not talk about something specific.

especially is to know your taste, each person has different tastes

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