What do you think of this gig ? Allow you to pay me a fine for being a BAD seller wasting my time


There are sellers on here misleading buyers and wasting a buyer’s time so I feel sellers need to be held responsible for that and not just let them cancel your gig make them cancel your gig AND pay you an EXTRA $5 for wasting your time I bet this will cut down all the seller scams =)

I contacted the seller a week ago before ordering,Seller states it is no problem then took my info and took 3 orders AFTER I ordered and states they can’t do my gig they don’t have time SCAM!!! seller just wanted my info


I suggest you to pay for FAST option :slight_smile:


This is the 3rd time i have been told YES by seller then they IMMEDIATELY changed their tune and demanded 10x more for the gig! Its not called $50 er for a reason thats another site. Its WAY past time that these scammers are named, shamed penalised and kicked off! If they need more money for specific project OK fine no worries - BUT disclose close it or F"£$%^K - OFF! Enough of this already its BORING!!!

If this company keeps condoning this by blatant refusal to act its time to start a competitive forum - GUMTREE killed ebay!!!


There are bad sellers and bad buyers here too, so there is plenty of blame to go around.


It works both ways. There are plenty of obscure buyers out there.


Reply to @cash4dones: I agree with you buddy. I have been saying the same thing for a long time. They claim they have reached their 3rd birthday…well, good luck reaching 6th birthday at this rate. You cant have a site that runs roughshod over sellers. The sellers will simply find another place, and then what are the buyers going to buy?


Buyers got enough power over the sellers already. Anymore than that, most of the sellers will go elsewhere. Without sellers there will be no buyers. Besides, if Fiverr decides to make the sellers to pay an extra $5 then bad buyers will take advantage of this then every seller will loose money.


Ok how do we start a SCAM List? b/c I have my own list already.I think there are some gigs Fiverr should not allow.