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What do you think of this gig idea?

Ugh, :crazy_face: I wonder if I created a gig where I remove sellers from Buyer’s Request if Fiverr would buy my gig?

I am now a level one seller and was looking forward to seeing more gigs. Moreover, while seeing more Buyer Requests is good and all, I also am seeing more people who are sellers posting there too. I also see that they have some offers. I am curious if they find jobs there or if they are all posting requests and getting offers from other sellers?

Can anyone who posted to find a job in Buyer’s Request enlighten me about if you got job offers, or did other sellers contact you to try to sell to you? Truthfully, I have done that once or twice, just to be silly.


As far as I know, buyer’s don’t go there looking for sellers. It makes no sense at all for a seller to post an ad there. There are some really desperate but naive sellers. It doesn’t seem to be a priority for fiverr to do much about that right now.

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I did not think sellers did go there. However, I get so tired of wading through the seller’s stuff posted there. Today I made an offer to one and told him he was not supposed to post there. He sent me a message that said, “Everyone else does, so why shouldn’t I?” Dang, I wish I had asked him about the other offers he had.

I think you are right about this.