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What do you think? What are your impressions of my Gig?

Hey all, I just wanted outside opinions on my Fiverr Gig, if you think anything should be changed from video to description, let me know. What would YOU think (impression wise) as a buyer. Thanks so much! (Click my icon to get to the gig)

  • Jonathan

Great demo, great voice, great quality. No complaints. You should do very well.

Welcome to Fiverr! I love your voice, you are so very talented. The one thing that caught my eye was your youtube link. Upon visiting your channel I noticed your website is displayed on your channel. It is against TOS and your Fiverr account is at stakes. You can create a separate youtube account with a demo or a playlist of demos to show your clients a portfolio. You might also want to consider changing your gig image to see if it would bring you more sales. Also I think you are missing a word in your introduction where it says "I am voice over trained by"
Best of luck :wink:

Well my website also directly links back to Fiverr and also informs customers to come to Fiverr, so hopefully there would be no issue there. My FIVERR BADGE is easily found on my website, and directs traffic to Fiverr and it’s not me looking to ‘take work away from Fiverr’ so hopefully they see my website as a positive for them and not a negative. If they ask me to take it off youtube, I will replace the ‘website’ link with a Fiverr link instead.

I just think it seems more professional for people to visit my site first rather than Fiverr to further back up my ‘past work’ and ‘clientele’ for now as I only have 4 reviews so far on Fiverr, having just freshly started.

As for the ‘mascot’ image. I want to work that character as being part of my brand in voice over and it has been a success so far. Rather than a human image which 100s of people use that all look the same, my mascot is something that people will never forget, which is why I stick to using him. People may think it’s kinda funny at first… but you won’t ever forget how to find me when scrolling through the mass cluster of other VO Talents.

“I am voice over trained” is correct, as “voice over” is the topic I could maybe re-word it so people aren’t confused if they don’t know what voice over means.

I agree your image is eye catching and indeed something totally different. Great thought redirecting your clients back to Fiverr. Now I also understand what you mean by I am voice over trained. Good luck on your Fiverr journey :slight_smile:

I love your voice! Wishing you the best. :slight_smile:

Your gig is very impressive.
I am new to Fiverr and I appreciate every chance that this forum offers to help new members.