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What do you think when you first see my gig?

It has been a year since I have been on Fiverr and it has been great! I love the platform and work is flexible and easy (apart from the odd buyer every so often).

I am trying to optimise my gig so people looking at my gig will choose mine over others. I see a lot of my views and clicks and they are good, but most of them don’t convert to real sales.

I see a lot of other gigs who have lots and lots of orders and wonder how they do it. I have optimised my gig several times.

If anyone could, could you take a look at my gig and tell me what you think of it? I am open to critisism as I need to know if I am driving away potential customers and what I could do to further improve it.

Thanks for your help,


Taken a look at your gig and it looks pretty good! You’ve got an awful lot of favourites which must mean you’re doing something right!

For what it’s worth, my advice would be to reword your gig title to attract more attention, the flat style is cool but you could be losing buyers who don’t know what that is. Instead try a much more open worded gig title. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to offer some sort of money back guarantee if you’re buyers are unsatisfied. Finally, encourage your buyers to take a few moments to post a review - for the hundreds of favourites, you only seem to have 31 reviews. The more reviews you have, the safer your buyers will feel and the increased traffic going through your gig page will make it feel more alive and busy!

Also a word on your profile - it might be an idea to use a photo of you or maybe an avatar so that buyers know there’s a real human being on the other end.

It’s been about a year since I joined Fiverr so I know exactly how you feel!

Reply to @nicktribedesign: Thanks for taking a look, I really appreciate it! Would a simple title help instead (I will design & create a PowerPoint Presentation for $5.) Although, I feel if I use that title I’ll get buried with the other gigs! :smiley: .

Will definitely include in my description for a money back guarantee. That does seem like a good idea and can’t see why I didn’t put it in the first place.

I have had less than 50 orders despite being here for a year. I did place my gigs on vacation mode as I needed to focus more on family things. I read somewhere that putting your gigs on vacation mode affects it a lot so that might be why I’m not getting so much orders (despite the favourites!)

I do encourage people to leave a review and most of them do leave a review which is great. Unfortunately, some don’t but there’s no point in catching up as most of them were from 6 months ago and I am sure the review timeframe has passed!

Alright, got a nice avatar now. It fits in with the whole “flat design”.