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What do you write in your offer?

Hello, I’m new in this, I already done my first work and my customer was happy with it. I would like to have more customers, I know being new it’s hard on the begging till you get trusted.

What I want to know if what you write in your offers? Mostly for logo design. I write about a bit from how I do my work, the dimension, files and fonts. Something like “Hey, I do this services in this dimension, have a vector file…” something like that, obviously not that rude.

Thanks for answers in advance!

PD: I don’t know if I posted this in the right place.

I’m a new seller, as well, but I buy quite a bit, both here and on eBay and for me, I know that while it’s good to know what the seller is doing, it’s more important to know how it will benefit ME. For instance, I do voice-over work and I’ve found my inquiries have increased since I added how this will improve the buyer’s life. Like, for my Reading for Children gig, I say what I do, but then I also added, “My work is guaranteed to make your project “POP” or to make your child delirious with happiness and what can be better than making a child smile?” I think something like that brings an image to the potential buyer’s mind (didn’t you picture a smiling child just then?) and works on their emotions, as well…That’s something I learned in college, as well; the best way to sell is to show how it will fill the buyer’s need. So in your case, you may want to say something like, “If you use my logo, your customer will have a great image in their head that they’ll learn to associate with your product”, but in your own words.


Are you referring to Buyer’s Request?

If so, repeat what the customer is asking for on the offer page.

As an example, if the buyer requested the following:

  • I am looking for someone to design a logo for my small publishing company. I specialize in Young Adult or YA Romance. I want to the logo to signify Youth, Love and Agony. I want a flat 2 dimension and 3 dimensions.

  • The title of my company is Jane Doe Publishing, LLC. or you can use JDP for short. The logo should have the intials or the whole name.

Your offer should be something like this:

  • I understand you are looking for a logo for your Young Adult Publishing Company named Jane Doe Publishing, LLC or JDP.
  • You want the logo to have a young adult feel that would say love and agony at the same time. That being said, I would recommend multi-color logo of XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX. The background color should be XXXX. This will really make your target audience see the . . . .
  • I would also recommend you use the initals vice the whole name as it would look better for the design that I already have in mind for you with a small caveat: JDP, LLC. How do you feel about that?
  • I am looking forward to speaking with you to further the designs. Please check out my profile and you will see I have experience in both 2 and 3 D. All of my logos are original that you will not find anywherre else.

Restating what the customer has said and including design ideas will make you stand out among your competitors. Buyers want to know what you can offer them and your ideas for them not about your credentials of past work.

Hopefully this is helpful.


you are genius men. I learnt a lot from you

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Thank you!

And I think gina had some great suggestions when it comes to answering Buyers Requests, too.

Thanks both of you, this really helped me, I get order using this method telling the customer my idea on his project and it worked and all go easy and more faster to work with, I will keep using this method when I get back to 90% so I can send offers again, I’m at 89% haha

Again, thank you both very helpful.

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