What Does a buyer want exactly?


so i’ve been here in Fiverr for i think 1 month or so and i got only 1 costumer and it’s really funny how he asked forr my Gig . see he needed to convert a flash … format to MP4 and i offered to do it for free since he was my first costumer but he insisted on paying and i was satisfied with my work and also him . this is my first and last service i offered tell now so i hope i can find someone who’ll introduce me to this world and how it works out here ^^ btw i’m Moroccan i speak Arabic French and English and you can check out my Gigs


The trouble with your conversion service, is that there any many ways to actually do this free online. You need to hope users don’t Google the issue before they search Fiverr (unlikely).

Speaking numerous languages, have you thought about offering a translation service? Those are always popular. You could also offer video testimonials in French and Arabic, although there are a lot of testimonials, their are not many which are not English or Spanish.

In regards to your current gigs, if you need direct help in improving them, checkout a service I offer here: http://fiverr.com/twistedweb123/improve-your-fiverr-gig


Great tips thnx i just made a new Gig for translation


Adam (twistedweb123) you beat me to it. If you speak different languages offer writing and speaking services. do a writing gig and a language tutoring gig. You’d be surprised what people will order. You might also offer video testimonials and voiceovers in different languages.


Can someone buy one of my gigs? Only 4 people have bought anything from me!











Also I made a website like fiverr!



Reply to @nourdine: Have you spent time looking at your competition? Put yourself in the position of your potential buyers and carefully consider your gig against other, similar gigs.

Ask yourself:

What photos do they use?

What are their descriptions?

And, most importantly:

What can you offer to the customer that sets you apart?