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What does a customers response time "1H" mean in my Inbox?

I got my first message on Fiverr but only responded after 16H because so far I only watched fiverr in the morning every day and live in Finland and the customer in India.

In my inbox it says under the customers name “About” “response time” 1H.

Does that mean he wants ME to respond within 1H (not good on my part) or that HE responds within 1H and can expect the seller to respond within 24H (good enough)?

In the Fiverr app I now downloaded I got Response Time 21 Hours.

Oh response time mean how fast you respond to someone who messages you, or someone you are messsaging, so one hour would be within an hour

Ok, thank you but I already understand that.

My question is if you click on Inbox and click on a message on the right side under the customer’s name it says About and under it “Avg. Response time 1H”.

That specifically (not what it says in my app or anywhere else) refers to what:

A.) The time frame the customer wants me to respond to his message within.
B.) The time frame the customer himself responds to messages.


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Oh im sorry, its letter, B the time frame the customer himself responds to messages. Hope this helped!

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Thanks, it helped! :slight_smile:
I now received a reply from the person in question and sent an offer.
Have a good one.


I understand now that you really meant b when you

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