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What does a revision mean?


Revisions on fiverr are far more different from what they actually mean in corporate world.
I am still trying to figure out what does a revision mean on fiverr.

[details=Entire Story]For example : I create whiteboard videos. This buyer came to me and ask for a video. He never mentioned anything about custom drawings. When I delivered the video he messaged me this :

[details=Revision1]"00:17 Can we use some other image for this? Image with more clarity maybe.

00:26 This image forms nicely without showing the outline. Please create all images like this in all the videos going forward. Please correct all images that are first showing outline.

00:35 You can write “Delegate” in Green. Adding colors here and there would make videos more interesting.

00:40 You can add some colors here. Maybe to some of the papers on table or the boxes.

1:02 add some colors here too. Maybe to the cups

Rest all seems good!"[/details]

I made all these annoying changes. Annoying because most some of them are custom drawings.
I delivered it and he vanished for 3 long days and when this order was about to auto-complete he came again with these revisions :

00:06 The image starts with a rough outline sketch, which we do not want. We don’t like this style of image formation. Please change all image in this video that form like this…

00:26 All image should form like this. It is not outline, but proper sketch from 1st stroke.

There are more images in this videos that need such correction. Please see the video and you will know.

00:16 Change this image of the Ball. You may use someone playing ‘Bowling’ to represent this part.

00:34 The color of ‘Delegate’ is not nice. Either use ‘Blue’ colour or use the Yellow in ‘LevelUp’ logo.

1:03 Just use color on the coffee mugs. Remove other colors… Plus, choice of color for coffee mug could be revised.

1:11 This image should go out, and then Craftmtcv logo should begin…This was Jai’s suggestions for all future videos to make this transition better. Currently it looks abrupt…[/details]

I was like “WOW” all new changes. Everything was “Rest all seems good!” during the first revision.

So, I spent nearly 5 more hours including the 2 hours of rendering and got a message withing first two hours “Awaiting Video! :angry:

He then asked me for 2 another formats .mov and .webm along with .mp4 and these too in fullHD.

Anybody who creates fullHD video can understand how much time does a single render take along with the file size and conversion to the other formats.

I politely asked him to order extra with a “smiley”.

[details=His Response]This is unacceptable. I have other sellers who will do work for me.

Let us stop everything.

Cheers to your smart business[/details]


My question is simple :
How many revisions did he ask for 2 or 10 ?


Reading this boils my blood!!
I used to have, and still do sometime these type of clients from hell…

Thankfully, being on fiverr for almost 2 years now, I have managed to filter these clients out, and catch on to their act ahead of time. Meaning I never proceed to collaborate with these people…

Sorry you had to go through it… My feeling go to you…

All the best :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, on Fiverr, a revision can mean anything a buyer wants it to mean including extra tweaks, a complete overhaul or doing everything from scratch.

Since our custom offers are short one line texts, it is usually not possible to include the kind of ‘iron-clad’ legal agreement about the nature of the delivery/revision/cancellation policy the way we do in the corporate world.

I’m currently dealing with someone who asked for 3 things as part of the original gig, I delivered the 3 things. Now he has sent this "this looks much better, now here’s what would be great : " and proceeds to ask for 6 more new things which have nothing to do with the custom offer.

I told him that extra work will cost extra gigs. He said “you said you will deliver the first gig in 2 days but you delivered in just 10 hours” (no shit Sherlock, I delivered ahead of time, you’re welcome, but he’s crying that I delivered early), so he goes on to imply and I am paraphrasing “there’s still 38 hours left for 2 day ‘deadline’ to get over, so you need to keep adding tweaks till then”.

I just hit the dispute button, took a screenshot and shot a message to CS.

Don’t let it get on your nerves. Be stoic, seek CS intervention, be willing to forfeit money, but never tolerate bullshit.


I always, without exception, provide unlimited reviews as to always keep my clients happy. I often describe my first Delivery as a Draft, in which I am expecting further word from the buyer.

Basically, the buyer has something in mind when they approached you and if they do not receive what they feel was arranged, then they will not be happy till this is satisfied.

Further, this also ties in with clearly setting out the tasks which you will be completing, prior to the actual gig being placed.


Oh man these buyers…
All that goes in my mind is “What in the world is he thinking?”


^ This ^ contradicts v This v

If the work is listed out in bullet points and both parties agree to it, there is hardly any scope for creative misinterpretation.

“I want an 800 pixels wide footer, blue background.” << That is a valid design brief.

After delivery :

“The blue footer does not look as good as I thought it would, now make it a green footer” << That is an invalid revision.

This assumes that completion of the gig is subject to the buyer’s ‘feelings’, which is actually not the case, unless you want it to be, which amounts to perpetual servitude. Both buyer and seller have to abide by what was agreed. This is what makes agreements so important. You sell legal services, you should know that better.

Also, in your case, offering a revision just means changing a few words. In case of, say, whiteboard videos, like the kind OP @shubh2012 offers, it takes a complete overhaul to tweak it, just because the objective agreement was overridden by someone’s ‘feelings’.

That’s good. They should make it known BEFORE the seller makes a custom offer and starts working on the order, not after it.

Ideally I shouldn’t even be on the forum right now, because the buyer owns me for the next 38 hours. I’m just wasting my master’s time and money right now :scream:


Not at all, this provides for further buyer confidence. Contradictory would be me saying “Yes provide unlimited reviews” then “No, never provide unlimited reviews”.

Using what I told you has provided me strong success within Fiverr. I hope you manage to find your own methods that provide a good outcome.

If they ask for blue and they had originally and clearly ordered green; I would apologize - tell them that you had already arranged for blue - provide screenshot of what was specified along with them agreeing to it if necessary, then I would normally provided the Blue version they want at no additional charge. This is just my own way of correctly working with clients with a view of repeat clients - however please follow your own judgement. However, I never, ever begin a gig until I am 100% sure what the buyer wants and that he is fully aware of that. The points you have mentioned say to me poor communication.

I feel that you have mixed together the two things I have mentioned which is why it is confusing for you. I would recommend re-reading my post.

Good luck on fiverr and I wish you the best of luck,


A few days ago another buyer ordered a video (he was outsourcing it) and asked for a draft of the video on the first day.
I sent him a 360p regular video 30 sec sample of his video. He loved it and asked me to complete it.
I completed the video as we discussed and delivered it. He didn’t reply for 3 days. The video completed itself. He messaged me that his client is away and he might need some changes but the video is good. I said If there is any error from my side I would do it. He cam with nearly 10 changes after a week. I did them all quietly. Today, He again came with 5 changes. Surprisingly, those 5 changes were to revert the video.
I replied very politely that every change now would cost you $10. He said that he would pay $20 for all and if he didn’t like anything else he would ask me to change.(You go to your doctor and say I will pay you less than half you charge. Now treat me well.)

I don’t want to work with him ever again but he knows about that “review” thing.


Revision means whatever you are willing to do as revision, including no free revisions at all.


I would have said no, but with way more fluff. Given that the buyer was already flying close to threats, I can guarantee you that he would have flipped his lid and left a 1-star review about my awfulness as a person, only to have it removed by CS.

So. BTW, I have a ridiculously overpriced revision policy on my gig page. Doesn’t mean I demand it–it’s there as a red flag to these people. It’s pretty effective (bar inbox messages mona lisaing about it).

Sounds like you just gave him a free video in the end? It’s not 100% clear, but that’s my reading. If so, that’s why they do this.


Those 5-stars do not just mean great quality. They also represent exploitation level.
Want a 5-star?
Get exploited first.


Wow that´s tough, should be clear to anyone with common sense that all the things they wanted redone are several revisions and take a lot of additional time.

I remember though having read on the forum that someone had asked CS about it and the answer was something like ‘a revision is any number of modification requests in a single message’…


Speak for yourself, I don’t feel exploited. If you do, you need to fix your gigs so you don’t feel exploited.


Today I did. I spoke for myself and got that “review” thing mentioned. :smiley:


Then they’re blackmailing you and breaking TOS.

Cool, you’re winning :wink:


Same here. Same gentleman mentioned above.

Reminds me of this :

I envisioned it a little to the left :joy:


It’s all in the word:


So in your case, keep re-visioning pal. :thumbsdown:


I think you haven’t clicked that expandable arrow up there in the description.


so relatable :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


He has just updated his feedback on the order page. This is actually gets more funny if you imagine it like a guy giving parking instructions to someone…left…left…left and then his vehicle slides into a gutter and he says “damn! that was too much to the left” :joy:

He just kept saying add more products to the left…left…more left… now he has updated the feedback saying “all the products are cramped on the left of the website”

More left and his products would have gone out of the computer screen :joy: