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What Does Account Inactivity Fee for Fiverr Revenue Card Really Mean?

Please only reply if you have a fiverr card and could answer from experience.

As listed here:

It states that account inactivity fee is $3 per 1 month.

Does this mean If i do not withdraw money into my fiverr card for 1 month I will be charged $3 by payoneer??

On the payoneer website they say your account only goes inactive after an extended amount of months, Im hoping to only withdraw $100 at a time to the card which might take like 2 months give or take everytime.

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Damn, and I thought getting the card would be cheaper than paypal! I definitely cant use bank transfer ($30 flat fee)

Geez why are we charged for saving up money on our cards :confused:

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Hi, I haven’t used my fiverr payoneer card for almost a year already. Does that mean if I use it now, I’ll be charged like ($3 x 12months) ?

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Same question. please reply someone.

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It means you have to use your card every month to make a purchase, could be any amount, but it needs to be a purchase

I don’t think so, are you sure about that.? I listen from someone that inactivity charges will be deducted as yearly service charges.

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You can message them on twitter or call their toll free I’ve called them quite a few times on various matters

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I am using PayPal to withdraw my funds. It’s pretty easy but their charges are high. But i am used to it and it’s really convenient.

I made almost 6-7 purchases this month but $0.20 (inactivity fee) was deducted from my account, I don’t know why…

If you don’t use your card in a month, you will be charged $3 as inactivity fee. I have been charged this fee two times. Anyhow, if you don’t have money in your card, you will NOT charged after loading it.

No. That fee is charged only from current balance. Future loads will not be affected by this fee.