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What does "away" mean in the inbox?

I see the little word “away” sometimes at the top of messages from someone.
Sometimes it’s someone I’ve just been messaging with.

I know that most of the time I can see a time when the person was last seen at fiverr so I’m puzzled why I also see the word away at times. If this means they are not currently on fiverr, then why do I see on others inbox the time when they were last seen?


how is this different from this:



That’s probably just their status, like in ■■■■■ or Discord. Most likely something the person you’re talking to has to fix on their end.


I suspect the length of time may determine what message is shown.

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It happened right after I was messaging someone. Maybe if they go offline right away but I’ve seen that they were online two minutes earlier so not sure why there’s a difference. Maybe if they are using the app there’s a difference.


It means that the person has gone offline

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Yes, App has an option to set offline, I think it shows away because on their end, offline is selected and the app is still ruining. Or leaving the tab on the desktop might be the issue.


Yes, exactly I saw the same thing on my Fiverr app. I usually saw my clients’ last seen as “1d ago” or ‘3 hr ago’ but this recent client only shows ‘away…’ I think it’s some sort of account setting.