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What does "boosting" a gig request do?

I was surprised to find that there is not a single mention of this anywhere online, and there’s really no explanation on the page either. What does “boosting” a gig request do?

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It’s like reposting it except it keeps the number of responses it has already received and the same people cannot reapply.
Use it when you have not received a suitable response.

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Well, that’s useless in my case. My request has 0 responses so far - I thought it would somehow promote the request or something.

It does, it will boost it to the top of the list so that if you have not had responses after 24 hours, I would suggest boosting it. I should mention that Buyer Requests are not actually posted “live” and there can sometimes be quite a delay (several hours) between submission and when it can be seen by sellers. They are usually posted in batches.


OK, thanks. Good to know.