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What does "Commercial Use" mean?


So I just had a buyer who wants 15 landing pages to be created for his website & they all need to licensed for commercial use which I really don’t understand what he means by that?

Is there a license that I should order or something for my service so it could be used for commercial use?

This is actually my first time a buyer asks for a commercial use license so I never had to experience that before.


The buyer wants to have rights to resell the landing pages you create. Depending on how or what tools you use in creating the landing pages you sell, you can or might not be able to give him “commercial rights”.


He doesn’t want the landing pages to resell them. He needs it for his website which I believe gets him a monthly income so maybe that’s why he’s asking for a commercial use?

The tools I’m using to build his landing page gives me the right for commercial use. Does this mean I’m able to give my buyer the right as well to use it for commercial use?


The best thing to do is clarify this with the buyer.


If you have the commercial rights to what you will be designing for him, you can charge him for it and pass it on to him. I think it also means you won’t use those landing pages for someone else or create those designs for someone else since he paid for the commercial rights to them.

You could also clarify with the buyer too.