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What does Fiverr and New York have in common?




They both have “R” in it. :wink:
That is the common thing I can see.


And the letter “e”. And they both have a lot of traffic, and gigs.


It’s not that hard to make it on fiverr if you have a talent.


Let me jump in the spirit :smiley:

It’s up to you…


I agree with this, especially if you define “make it” somewhat loosely. Of course, it might not be hard to make it in NYC either if you defined that as getting a job as a waiter and taking a long commute from outlying areas. Just making some sales on Fiverr is pretty easy as long as you have skill, persistence and can communicate effectively.


It’s more accurate to say if I can’t make it there I can’t make it anywhere. :notes: