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What does "High completion and satisfaction scores" means in Avilable Now Option?

Hello, when i click on “Available now” button it shows Red Cross with “High completion and satisfaction scores”.
can anyone tell me what does that means and how to solve it so i can use “available Now” feature.
Thanks :slight_smile:
Screen shot :>


It’s showing the same for everybody at the minute I think, so nobody can use it.

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i looking same matter

same problem also here :frowning:

I’m able to use it :slight_smile:

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i am also facing the same isssue.

Same problem also here,

Same problem :frowning: dont know why

same problem, any solution

can any one tell me how to fix this and get back to available now mode?

It’s still in beta testing, so not everybody has it at the moment.

now? do you have it?

Available Now was tested by Fiverr and withdrawn some weeks ago.