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What does "Impressions from Fiverr" mean on "my gigs" list?


Im confused with this. And then it says “clicks from the impressions”…



Impressions means how many times your gig has been shown on the Fiverr search page. People saw the title of your gig and your display photo or video, but they didn’t actually click through.

Views means people who have actually seen the full content of your gig, but this is measured differently from clicks which mean people on Fiverr who clicked your gig. These are measured separately to help you measure how much traffic is coming from Fiverr, and how much from other sources (Google+, Twitter, etc.)


Perfect answer. I’m searching for that information. Thank you very much.


I have been n fiver since last month, but still i am not getting order although my gigs have views?? Can u please guide me how to improve this situation???


Thank you! Really helpful. But you’d better create a topic rather than answering in 2 year old one)


Thank you so much @archu44 :smiley:


Thank a lot …I was also confused that what does these three thing really means…


Hello @kimmichelle I saw your profile and see that your keywords or tags are not good to make it more searchable.First find the best compititor on fever and check its description and keywords.

Your keywords should be more accurate to your service and your decription

That’s It .


thanks for the right message which i was searching for…


I have the same issue as kimmichelle have been on fiverr for a lon time yet no order




Thanks a lot.


Thanks a helpfull


Thank you for valuable info


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