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What does impressions mean on fiverr?

what does impressions mean on fiverr?


Search for whatever question u have before creating your post the answer is already on the forum:wink:

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It means that you just made a bad impression on @maryorwar, lol.


I am new here, and in the time I have seen that question come up multiple times. However, I read the little pop up that appears when you attempt to post a new question on the forum. It directed me to search to see if the question had been asked before. That way I did not clutter the forum with a question that had already been asked and answered. I know this answer is there because I just searched for what impressions were this week . . . again. I keep forgetting.


Just type “impressions” in the search bar above and you will find lots of posts on the subject.

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Am also new here and I got to know some things about fiverr just by reading posts In the forum:wink:

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I have learned much by hanging out here. Plus there are some pretty nice people.

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Yes lots of nice people and this makes me love the forum :heart_eyes:

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