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what does "IMPRESSIONS" means on my gig?

I am trying to understand the stats of my GIGs but I cant comprehend what does “IMPRESSIONS” means? Sometimes it shows a red downwards arrow and sometimes it shows a blue upwards arrow. Can you please explain it to me. Thanks!

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hello, ahmu. Welcome to the Fiverr community.
Yeah! it’s a silly question. IMPRESSIONS mean how many people seen your gig’s. when your gig browsing to searching in this time peoples have seen your gig image, title. at this time you got an impression. and when anybody clicks this link you got 1 click 1 impression. and when he/ she visit your gig you got a view. now you got 1 impression, 1 click, 1 view to your gig. but if only show your gig image or link you got impression. Maybe you can understand! But i will suggest you for a better solution to read Fiverr TOS and blog.
if in these explanations have any mistake please resolve me and i will feel glad.
Thank you.

All you have to do is Google Fiverr Impressions.

Please research before you post here. This question is answered in an official Fiverr document you can find easily and has also been asked in the forum many times.

The forum isn’t a substitute for research and these repetitive questions are annoying.

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