What does it look like from the buyers side of the order-page?


Most of us know that there’s been a few changes on fiverr recently, and I myself has since then noticed one certain change regarding my orders: Revision requests. So many revision requests, and they are all from buyers who are very new to fiverr. The thing is, that they’re all really happy about the product. The always have “just this teeny tiny thing, if you could do it it would be awesome but if not, it’s completely cool. I love it as it is!”. And so I say “Well of course! It’s a tricky task, and I’m not completely sure if I’ll be able to do that, but I’ll try my best”, and they write back "Oh it’s all right. Never mind, it’s great anyways. Thank you for taking on this project!"
So now, they’re totally happy with the delivery and don’t want the revision anymore. Of course, they haven’t accepted the order, my count-down-clock is still ticking, and I’m doing the change anyways.
So I’m wondering, why is this happening now? And only with new buyers? Why not a year ago(when I had just a few revision-requests and they were all huge)? I know that it’s not because I’m working any differently than I did before. Is it so that the “request revision”-button has become bigger and brighter? Is it harder to find the “accept delivery”-button? How does it look from the buyers side??


Order a gig and find out?