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What does it mean? O_O Why?

Hi guys!

Do you think it is normal to be contacted for the first time for a project, to respond and then to see the person disappear?

And today I have a second chat, from another people, I see the message and I find this

Fiverr| Only visible to you

People can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate.

Say hello to people ! Tell them everything they need to know about your project.

I went to see the other chat, the first one received from another person, and there is the same message…

Why?? :no_mouth:

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Yeah that were messages from scammers banned by Fiverr, you gonna get a lot of them as a new seller

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And what happen if I have answered them? :disappointed_relieved:

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Nothing will happen, don’t worry :wink:

// Actually to answer this question better, they will probably send you a link with their job offer. For me it was often something like “Im from China, but I need account from US as they are making more sales. I will pay you 500$ if you create account for me on Fiverr”

Don’t accept their offer though, they will scam you

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It normal many will come and never return but the message you saw is a sign that the buyer is unreal. This means Fiverr has remove that chat because it has gone against the TOS. Whenever you see such message just know that it’s of your own good.They are not real buyer

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Ah okok, I never will clic on a strange link send by them in this way :roll_eyes: but it’s so sad ahhahah
I thought had really arrived the first request :sweat_smile:

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Yeah I remember my first inquries and how dissapointed I was when found out it were scams. They will stop messaging you after you got few reviews.

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Sometimes they will send a file for you to download about the job description and that file is to get access to your PC