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What does it mean when a FIVERR is


new to the site and one of their GIGS has the BEST SELLER tag but when you look at their reviews…instead of having no reveiws with ANY of the stars showing…the STARS are their but they are EMPTY as opposed to anything ranging from one star filled solid yellow all the way up to a five star with solid yellow. I don’t understand this…does it mean they actually did make a sale but the purchaser never reviewed it?


Can you take a screenshot of the page in question, but making sure to remove their personal info?


I would guess the “best selling gig” for a new seller is determined by:

  1. First gig they published, or
  2. Which gig they’ve sold

Without reviews, it’s impossible to know whether they’ve completed an order before or not.



Yeah; what sidneymorgan said sounds about right; either they’re brand new and that’s the first gig they created or they HAVE had sales with that particular gig, but no one reviewed the sales.


Thanks everyone for the possible answers. Just seems odd. I hired this person but there are red flags already that they might not deliver…not getting reviews for work done could be another one.


I don’t think it would be a good idea to hold it against a seller if the buyer doesn’t leave a review. Some buyers never leave reviews, they’re too busy etc. - sellers can’t be blamed for that.


Interesting…FIVERR unlike Amazon Kindle I thought reviews were left 99% of the time.


I’ve never left a review for a Kindle book myself.

Here’s some reading for you: :slight_smile:


If a newer person has one gig, by default it will be their “Best Seller”.

It does not mean it’s like a Kindle “Best Seller”, but the best among that sellers gigs.

If they have two gigs, and one of them has sold once, the buyer may not have left a rating, but that one gig would still be their “Best Seller”.

A best selling book is a competition among tens of thousands of books. The Best Seller on Fiverr means that seller may have two or half dozen gigs, and out of those one of them sells better than the others.

As for ratings, if someone gets 60-70% ratings, that’s considered pretty good. A new seller could easily have two or three sales and no ratings, although it’s rare.

New people can often get better averages because their first half dozen sales are often from people they know outside of Fiverr.

If my friend buys my gig, she is highly likely to leave me a great review.


Thanks…I think some of the confusion is the empty stars. I always believed if a new seller was on with no reviews yet NO stars would appear instead of EMPTY STARS.


The five stars are ALWAYS there, so they start off empty and then fill up, depending on Reviews given.


If a seller has made some sales on the gig but has got no reviews the stars appear empty. New arrival gigs appear to have no stars at all showing.


Update: Go figure…despite my worries the seller with the empty stars delivered and ahead of time! He now has five SOLID stars. Well earned.