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What does mean by 50 individual orders to become seller 2?

I just graduated to seller level 1 a few days back, but I have collected 8 reviews.

My earning in last few days is over 250$, do I need to complete orders that worth 250$, or total 50$ or with different 50 buyers?

Anybody with clear understandings please?

And I know the, please I just want a clear reply.

When I leveled it meant 50 separate orders no matter what price. If a buyer named user_sam bought a $10 order, that was 1 order. If user_sam bought a $5 order and then other $5 order it counted as 2 orders even though it was the same buyer. I assume it still works that way but I can’t be certain.

Thank you for the reply. I would appreciate if you could confirm. :slight_smile: Thanks