What does my price mean?


Have had a quick scan of the faq’s and couldn’t find anything so if there is something apologies and could you direct me to it please.

I’ve entered my price based on an hourly rate. Is that right or should it be a turnkey price? Trouble is my product is a service with so many variables that cost / price can’t be defined without knowledge of the time that it will take to complete the work.

Last thing I want to do is mislead a buyer but neither do I want to do three days work for $35


Your prices are fixed and in your gig description, you can define what is included in those prices. It’s like ordering a product of a website where you don’t get additional bills after purchase.
If you want to set an hourly rate you also need to mention that in the gig description, otherwise, the customers will think they are paying for the final version of your product. For additional services, you can add additional gig extras that can cover up all possible extras that might need to be added to the order.
Other than that, you could ask potential buyers in your description to message you before ordering so that you can get an idea about how much work has to be done and then send them a custom offer based on their needs.


much helpful. Thanks for letting us know.


In addition to what Janali said, you can also use three different packages. So perhaps you can price small jobs at $35, medium jobs at $xxx, and larger jobs at $xxxx.

So you do have a fair bit of flexibility.


Suggest you have a look at other gigs in your category to get some idea of structure and pricing.


Thank you all for you help, I will take on board. It does seem however that the system doesn’t lend itself to IT freelance work which is frequently paid by the hour albeit with an estimate based on supplied information. In my experience this can protect the buyer as well s the seller, because if sellers have to take the risk then they will price accordingly which often means that higher pricing and those with simple jobs lose out. I will take on board your small, medium, large job suggestion and see how it goes.
Thanks again everyone, really appreciated.