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What does “No level mean?”

What does “no level” mean? The sleeper I bought from has about 2k reviews. Has been a seller for a few years but doesn’t have a level? Is this a scam or are these all fake reviews. I’m kind of confused. I’m afraid I got scammed.


We have a few different levels: No Level, Level 1, Level 2 and Top Rated Seller.

Evaluations are monthly and you can be promoted or demoted depending on your metrics on the previous 60 days.

So it’s possible to be a really competent and successful seller and hold a no level status. I wouldn’t worry about your seller being a scam as buying 2k reviews is just not feasible.

You can read more about seller level here:


Ok great. Thank you. I feel better about the situation.

Thats an interesting point!

Imagine being so successful and getting so many orders that you end up losing your levels!