What does Responsiveness means in the profile?


can any one please help me out i new to fiverr i don’t hve any idea abt the some buyer says my Responsiveness is too long what does it mean ?? guys plz help me out so that i can perform well over here


The average time taken to respond to a Buyer’s message. :-/


As mentioned above, “responsiveness” is the time it takes for you to respond to a new conversation through the Fiverr messaging system.


My “responsiveness” has been stuck on four hours for weeks now and hasn’t moved even though every response is LESS than a hour!

That’s NOT right!


Recently, I watched as my responsiveness climbed from 2 hours to Week+, in just a few days, when I was clearly responding to all inquiries within an hour or two. I contacted support, and it was fixed.


Thank you all for your comments