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What does "Returning Buyer" mean?

I am a new seller. I just completed a delivery successfully.
But one thing I noticed in buyer profile it says Returning Buyer under the name. What does actually it means?
Thank you


Returning buyer means that the buyer has bought from you at least once before and has returned to buy again.


Oh is it. Then I am afraid even I am confused now, because there have been a few buyers who have bought my services only once, but they are still marked as returning buyers. Why could that be? :thinking:


But its my first oder. How can it be possible!
Little bit confused about Returning Buyer terms.


Me too. I think it would be something like old account but they buy something for the first time.

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I think returning buyer means ,the buyer has placed order and you haven’t completed the order yet … You have to deliver the order …

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same here. I guess that, after all, ‘returning buyer’ does NOT mean they bought again. Well, at least we know what DOESN’T mean. :sweat_smile:

No, Not like that.I have completed the oder with 5 star review :heart_eyes:

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OK… Then that is mysterious . :thinking::wink:

Just a thought!

Maybe it means that the buyer has bought something from “someone” on Fiverr before!


Yeah that’s what I would think so too. That it is a “returning buyer” for fiverr platform as a whole rather than being specific to me.
Though it’s only a guess :blush:

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The buyer is very much happy with jobs you did for him and he strongly recommend you that buyer has ‘returning buyer’. As per my experience with buyers i reached to this conclusion about this term.

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Hey there. i am a new seller on fiverr as well. the returning buyer according to me refers to a buyer who sticks with a particular person. for example they dont go out looking and trying different seller if they like your work they might hire you consistently. nevertheless, returning buyers in my experience should be your top priority for work and customer service as well.


Returning buyer meant that buyer used to buy from 1 seller more then on time.


thats exactly what i mean hina

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Yea !!!
It’s really great :sunglasses::sunglasses:

Hi @lloydsolutions what you explain I am not agree with that, also little confused.
In case of returning buyer I have seen, lots of buyer come to my inbox and their status is “Return buyer” but they never purchase to me before.

My explaynation is if a buyer purchase before but he is irregular to purchase or comes to purchase GIG after a long time.
I think in that case fiverr tells this buyer as return buyer.

okay well there are confusion because we were thinking a buyer who cancelled the order will be marked as returning buyer and it was happen one of my buyer status turned to returning buyer as he cancelled the order but now recently on of newly joined client status changed into returning buyer but that was her first purchase so it’s confusing.
My explanation if a buyer message to many seller and returned to one and purchased

I am not pretty much sure, but I guess, hence the buyer has the facility to refer a friend and earn option - and also he benefited with 5 or 20 amount - I think if the second person accepts the request to join fiverr, creates his/her account and place an order, the fiverr might be marked him as returning buyer ( means through a reference) Not pretty much sure - but possibilities are there.

I got a project from a Top Rated Buyer. He gives me 1 project Fiverr show them a V.I.P Buyer. After that giver show his profiles as a " Returning buyer". and he gives me another other I tink Returning buyer are those, have Top-Rated profile and gives you more than 1 order