What does "Revenue for Order Completion" mean? In simple words


Everything was ok, and the job is delivered and I have the green bar up saying I earned the money. But why isn’t it cleared into my account? And what does that mean?


It’s the amount you have earned from the order. There is a 14 day clearing period though. Those funds will show up as “cleared” in 14 days :wink: then you will get access to the money.


Reply to @annai80:

But why this one isn’t like other revenues that have been cleared without saying this note?

And some of them exceeded 15 days!


It takes 14-17 days for revenues to clear.

It depends if buyers mark them as complete. If they don’t mark them as complete, it adds the extra 3 days to them.

To find out the date that something is going to clear go to revenues/select “pending clearance” from the drop down bar and then it will show all the dates :slight_smile:


I checked the list again. All are marked as Completed and Delivered and I had the Green bar on the upper front. :frowning: