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What Does **Revision** Exactly Means?

Hello, I am new on Fiverr, still didn’t understand a lot of issues.

Recently I have received an order for a design.

The buyer has chosen the Basic Package without Proper Discussion, and the basic Package does not offer any Image editing. On request of the buyer, I have edited two images for his satisfaction (one image I had to edit on revision). The buyer has requested revisions two times with new text and image modification, which does not belong to the original order. Still, I believe that as a seller, customer satisfaction is my first priority and I would like to give my best services for buyer satisfaction. So I have requested to Extend Delivery Time.
Please suggest, What else should I do at this moment?
I feel like, I am in trouble. Unfortunately, I have provided Unlimited Revision for this service
I am afraid that if the Buyer keeps doing this (giving new text as revision), What to do?


but i feel more revisions more good work. i do more than 15 revisions but at the end everyone is satisfied. in think revision is very important for both



You don’t have to do work that the buyer didn’t pay for and you shouldn’t.

A revision is a modification to something within the scope of the order. It’s not an additional thing that you hadn’t put in the scope.

It saddens me that I need to explain you you don’t owe people free stuff…


I can not understand this term of revision “Is it possible that the buyer can keep changing the text and image position again and again and I have nothing to say and just response to his requested revision?”
Still I will say " Buyer is always right, and it was my mistake that I could not work well"

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If you have “unlimited revisions” basically yes (if you mean text position and image position), unless you want to cancel. The best thing would be to change the gig so it doesn’t have “unlimited revisions” so the problem won’t happen as much with future orders.

As long as they’re not creating new flyers/banners each time. As long as it’s a modification to the existing one they requested. If it’s totally new text (eg. advertising a different product/event than they requested or outside the scope of what they requested originally, then you could say no to that).

edit: if they’re asking for something not in the package then you can decline that. If it’s the facebook ads gig, the basic package does specify “image editing”.

edit2: I’d change the gig so revisions are around, 3, 4, 5 for the basic, standard, premium packages.(or maybe 4,5,6 if you preferred).


It was for the Flyer Design gig (basic without image editing). And thank you for the suggestions. will make a limit on my gig for revisions

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Also you probably don’t need to extend delivery time if the original delivery was on time I think and there’s been no extras purchased.

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The original Delivery was on time, and first the revision was also on time. but now i can see RED mark and LATE DELIVERY
and today after 30 hours of first revision the buyer requested a new revision with new text, stamp and sticker (which he did not gave me during order and the first revision), thats why i requested for extend delivery time.

I still don’t think it will actually class the order as late in your stats after it’s completed, if you delivered it on time originally (before the revisions).

Why is Revision considered late??



Right before, I usually feel uncomfortable and curious when my orders are in revision. Well, I think revision is a good feature. It helps your perfect your job and get your positive reviews. But make sure you only give extra revisions that covers the scope of your orders. In some cases, buyers can take you for granted. But majorly, if you don’t want to have issues with buyers, communicate with them; before and during the order.


Unlimited Revision means unlimited revision. Don’t offer it if you don’t want to do that.


»»» This! «««

My best advice is that you don’t offer unlimited revisions. That means that even after the order is completed your client can get back to you asking another revision. You can find lot’s of stories like this in the Forums where lot’s of sellers suffered from this.

Plus, like @humanissocial said, you don’t have to offer anything that is not in the scope of the order. If you offer revisions (no matter if it’s one, two or three) make sure that that information is very clear:

  1. At your GIG description;
  2. At your requirements (to protect you from cancelations and bad reviews and from clients that say that they didn’t know).

Most of the clients don’t read everything and some of them read and pretend that they didn’t. One of the most valuable teachings that someone told me was that we have in our life what we allow to enter. This is business. Not charity. Respect yourself and respect your work.

Boundaries. Most of the people don’t have them and that’s a pretty good thing to teach others. Remember that when you are educating your client you are also helping other freelancers to not be explored in future.


Finally, I have delivered this job. and the buyer was satisfied. And got 5 star review aswell. i got to learn a lot from this forum. Thank you all for the support.

And feeling good that the buyer was satisfied finally.