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What does Social Media Marketing Consist of?


I have seen several gigs where they offering social media marketing. I have one customer (returning one) whom I do basic social media management.

All I do is post once a day for the week for the entire month.

However, I feel like I can do more but I’m new to social media marketing.

Any ideas what else is included in social media marketing?


Here you go:


What is the client’s goal from social media?


Thanks I will check it out


For my client, is just posting daily. Nothing much. She is open to suggestions, so I’m working on that.

Generally, what does a social media marketing entails? What should I offer for $20 for example


That question is very much like asking “how long is a piece of string”.
In terms of pricing, that is something you should decide based on how long it takes you, the expertise involved etc.
In terms of what you do, what can you do with a social media account that is useful? Your client’s goal is not to just have a post every day - that is the method - their goal is the reason they want a post every day, it could be things like:

  • to appear active
  • to attract followers
  • to grow engagement
  • to increase their “social signals” for SEO purposes
  • to make sales
  • to send people to their site etc.

For any of the above, Social media management should have a plan of action and not just be a collection of random posts. As a very general idea, the 5:2 method is used for Facebook and Twitter where each week you post 5 general interest posts related to their industry/niche and 2 posts which are more specifically about the company/brand.
What you do from there is really up to you. You could offer ‘add-ons’ like:

  • engage with people/other companies
  • respond to messages/posts
  • create social media friendly versions of the site’s blog posts - such as summaries of long blogs for G+/Facebook, related images with quotes and links for Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram etc.
  • run a competition

For example, a client of mine wants to attract followers, have them engage and ultimately increase sales through bringing people to her site (its an online boutique). One of the methods I am using for this is to run a competition for them. This takes a number of steps including writing, graphics, marketing, management and overseeing etc.
Someone else wants to increase social signals for SEO purposes: So the approach with them is different - low cost, ongoing posts which attract engagement such as things which are cute, funny, ask for a response etc so people will like, share and reply to them.
It is really about finding out the client’s goal and then deciding how best to achieve it. Price should dictate how much you can do but not what you should be doing.


ah, what don’t we do…

I offer the following for my SM clients:

  1. Create a social media strategy
  2. Develop a content strategy which include suitable hashtags
  3. Create a monthly content calendar
  4. Create 3 - 4 posts per week, schedule on Facebook natively. I use Hootsuite for Twitter and Instagram - artwork and slideshows included
  5. I create Facebook ads 2 - 3 per month and boost according to clients budget using reach & frequency as an objective - carousel, slideshows or canvas
  6. Monitor the community engagement and offer community management
  7. Engage with possible influencers and tag them in posts
  8. Provide monthly reporting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram analytics, top performing posts etc.

and that’s about that.