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What does source file mean for digital retouchers on Fiverr?

Hello everyone! I am new here and I would like to know more about Source Files as I have seen that many sellers offer them for a higher price. I am a digital retoucher and I have always been told not to share my personal work flow if possible, otherwise I would have to put a really high price as there are personal skills that one has developed through years and our personal style for color grading etc, so my question is, when digital retouchers offer a source file, do they share every layer they have done to their file? Or is it just the psd flattened? Sorry if it is something obvious what I’m asking, but since any client has ever asked me for every layered I have done to their photos, I’m a little bit lost with that here.

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Source file is original file you worked in, So yes PSD with every layers without merging them is source file…
I understand your concern about not to share your work flow but you can share them with higher prices for sure…