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What does the accepting custom orders option do?


What does the accepting custom orders option in my profile do? :slight_smile: Am I right that by switchnig it off customers cannot place orders by themselves but only I can offer them with custom orders? :slight_smile:


I fear not. :slight_smile: They can still order your gigs “as they are”. If you switch it off, they can’t send you a custom order inquiry.

I sometimes get messages by buyers who use the custom order feature (vs just message with “free text”, in that case, you see a form with some things filled out by the buyer, like budget, number of words, …

The Custom Order feature allows buyers to contact you with details about their order (or project). This provides you with valuable information, which in turn allows you to provide a custom offer based on their details.

Note: Custom Order requests are only available in certain categories.
To set the Custom Order feature:

  1. Once logged in, click Selling > Gigs .
  2. At the top right of the My Gigs page, in the ACCEPTING CUSTOM ORDERS field, click the button to activate or deactivate it. By default, it’s activated.

To respond to a Custom Order request:

  • Within your Inbox , open a message. If the buyer used the Custom Order feature, you can just click the Create an Offer to buyer button and respond to their request with an offer.


Oh I see…so there is no possibility to switch off ordering gigs and paying for them in advance without me being willing to perform such tasks? I would like clients to contact me and then I would like to create a customized offer for them and specify a deadline…but I assume it is impossible, isn’t it? :slight_smile:


Yes, unfortunately, it is.


It is much better on Upwork where after applying I am asked whether or not I want to complete an order and i can always accept or refuse without any repercussions…it is a pity that it is not the same here :frowning:

Nevertheless, thank you very much for support! :slight_smile:


I have heard this before. However, that Fiverr policy is the very reason many buyers come here.