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What does the buyer wants to say?

So, a buyer ordered a gig yesterday but didn’t fill out order requirements. So, I messaged her to send me the files and some instructions. So, she send me some instruction like she wants slow motion, picture in picture etc. But she didn’t send me the video I had to work on. Next, I thanked her for this information and asked her for the exact video files and this was her answer. This is weird or my brain can’t understand it?
What should I do now? As I messaged her to explain it once more but she is not online now?InkedUntitled_LI

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Well, if there is a test “I am having a stroke” this person has 100% positive result.

Ask her to send video… but I am afraid this is a scam. not in a way she is trying to scam you but in a way she has no idea what she is doing and can not connect herself with life.


Cancel imo. Gut feeling it would not end in a good way.

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Sometimes I feel that she is just checking the fiverr app as she said fiverr app and sometimes she is talking about thw thumbnail and then her order is not good.
It was also stated at the top of order that she is new make good first impression and she is from another country maybe she doesn’t know english. I can’t figure it out.

I can’t and I don’t want to. As I cancelled a $30 order this month so I don’t want this to affect my stats. Should I try her contry’s language?

I asked her to send video but this was her reply.
Should I try a language other than english like her contry’s language using google translate.
It is also written that she is new on fivrrr. Maybe she doesn’t know how it works?

Language barrier could be the case, but what happens if their “stroke” gets worse and they rate your gig with 1 because they do not speak english.

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Ask CS to cancel order so it does not affect you. be polite and clear in your note. Tell them the client is failing at providing requirements for you to complete the work. Client i new to platform and does not know how to order properly.

From cancel you can recover but from negative review you can not or better yet it will be with you forever and you will have to accept it and move on.


Yes, I should cancel through CS but the problem is they are taking upto 10 days to respond. Till then, the order will be late and then it will be cancelled automaetically with one star review.

Honestly, it sounds like they want you to teach them how to edit their own video.
And yeah, the language barrier is strong with this one.


@imagination7413 So what do you think? Should I teach her? :wink:

Well, I have sent a ticket to CS but they will take a long time and perhaps till then my order will be cancelled automatically.
I was going to become level 1 next month but not now I guess…

lol ! :smile:

No. :expressionless:

You could ask your buyer for an extension, as the scope of their order is clearly different than what your gig offers.

You might just have to put in the cancel anyway. Without the files, you plain can’t do the work. And as @marinapomorac said: you can recover from a cancellation, but not from negative review, and that review will never go away.

It’s rough, I know, but you’re young and you have plenty of time to learn and recover from it.

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Yeah, ikr. Now I just have to wait for CS reply and send buyer extend delivery request

Wow. She replied and made me very excited and then I saw her message

She replied


and then disappeared as usual. Anyways I have sent her delivery extend request. Let’s see what she says.