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What does the Little Green Cow symbol mean?

Hi everyone! We are new to the fiverr forum and we noticed that when we comment on posts there is a little green cow under our name…anyone know what it means? I’ve usually seen the level 1, 2, or top rated symbol under names but never a cow…lol

Just curious…

Hi, that little green cow means you’re a regular user without any level :slight_smile:

Hi Easymedia,

Welcome and wish you very good luck :slight_smile:

Thanks! We are a level two though…hmmm…wonder why we show up as no level. Maybe fiverr still needs to catch up!

Thanks again! :)>-

Looks like a cow to me too! lol I am also at Level One and still just have a sheep… oh well.

Haha! Thanks guys…really looks like a cow. It made sense to me too…you know the “cash cow” lol Looks like fiverr caught up with our level 2 after all! NICE!