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What does the "queue" mean in terms of time of delivery?

Hi, New here, first time user of Fiverr. I am looking for a logo design, and there seem to be literally hundreds of qualified designers. I see that for many there are many orders in the “queue.” I can assume what this means, so I’m wondering how I factor this in to who I select.

My project is not urgent (I don’t need it in two days), but I also don’t want it to take three weeks while they work through the 76 other orders before mine.

I could select an alternative who does not have so many pending orders already, I’m just wondering how to do this as efficiently as possible. Not sure of the protocol here.

I have already contacted one designer just to see if they are available for real.

Thank you for any input.

Check their delivery time and Extra Fast delivery time. Take the average value, multiply by the number of orders in queue and you have an idea of the time it would take. The best way is to ask the seller first if you see he/she has lots of orders in queue. Extra fast delivery could help but if the designer already has a lot to do, maybe he/she will be in a rush and your logo will not be exactly as you would want it to be !
Remember to check level 1 sellers or even the ones who don’t have this status yet : some of them are very good and if you find a good seller who has no other order in queue, he will be able to focus only on your logo.

The long queue is not a problem for a buyer or for a seller. A seller committed to deliver it in time mentioned, would deliver for sure and if he would not be delivering it in mentioned time, he would not have reached to the position where he is. Being myself a designer, I never put forward the excuse of having burden of lot of work (which I have sometimes) :slight_smile:


first of all contact the seller whether she/he can deliver the order within required time, that is the best way you can select a seller… also request for some example that he/she did recently., or you can check sample on the profile…

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Great advicings you many have. Contact, question, hire.

Yes…just ask them about the delivery time and order only if they agree to deliver it within your desired timings…Do not think like the seller who have lots of pending project may have a good creativity and therefore he/she had so much projects in hand…Just communicate with them and choose the one who agrees with your requirements…

Nice comments already. However, I will reply by saying “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person”. So with the word queue, you can just relax and be sure you can get your assignment done.