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What does the word ' fiverr' means?


Every company name has some meaning or relevation. Can anybody tell me what does word ’ fiverr’ relates to?


Fiverr : The marketplace of every kind of digital services starting at $5.
Five - Fiver - Fiverr


Historically, when was launched back in 2010, the cost of ANY and ALL services were $5 only.
Hence the name Fiverr.

It’s a colloquial slang used for numbers that include 5 things.


5 for fiverr, that is the summary of it all.


‘Tenrr’ sounds sm better…isnt it? :wink:


Not as good as millionairrrrre though


hmm…it does…thinking about a million for a graphic and a multiple of that…wow!! dear buyers",howz this idea?"…:laughing:


It’s the nickname for a 5 dollar bill.


It think the domain name “fiver” had already gone!