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What does this customer support agent want to say?

This says that the Gig is still there and you can sell it on Fiverr. But this gig will not be visible in search results. That means, no one can search for your gig and see it on Fiverr. But it will still exist and buyers can buy this using the direct link to the gig. You can promote it in other forums/social media and get buyers from there are sell the services all right. But it will not be visible in the search results!

:confounded: Curious:

What is the gig all about? What is it that it is not included by Fiverr in their search results?
Which Science?


I’m selling bottled air directly imported from natural surrounding of Whistler Mountain, Canada.

#BOTTLED AIR?? :open_mouth: :airplane_small: from Canada?

Did you sell any??


Actually I’m doing it for a client and it’s selling well in China 's cities with high pollution. We wanna go big.

#Selling in China?

I got to read more about this. Not that I am totally unaware - I have heard about such things (I do not have words to explain what these are, accurately) happen and people ridiculed saying this might happen in India as well, but I didn’t have a clue that people are already in the business and more surprisingly, people are buying bottled air!

:sheep: Holy Sheep!!

Wish you all the best mate! I am not sure you will find buyers of bottled air on Fiverr! Maybe you should go to a Chinese market. Chinese do not trade here, much!

I still can’t bbb…believe!!
BBBBB,…Bottled AIR??

:bulb: We are going extinct sooner than we thought!

We will extinct if people don’t care about pollution.

Chinese do not trade here, much!

Therere seem to be quite a few in the translation category at least. I don’t know if they’d look for bottled air on fiverr though, but I suppose Google might bring them to the fiverr gig, depending on how the competition in that field is, if they can get it elsewhere for the same price, most won’t want to register on fiverr and pay the fees, for instance.

Look up ‘oxygen bars’, it’s not even new, I walked by the first one several years ago. Never walked in yet though. Coffee is my oxygen. :wink:

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Can’t Imagine!!!
Another concept… I feel illiterate!

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That’ sick hahaha

Mila 's fav number is 20