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What does this mean on Fiver "Order requirement may not contain an offer for direct communication"


I am unable to go any further on my campaign as each time it states "Order requirement may not contain an offer for direct communication. Reminder: Communicating with other users outside of Fiverr is not permitted. See our Terms of Service for more info."

What does this mean? I've changed the header title several times and the description content as well plus the tags that I inputted and I still get this red tape above.

What is it for? And what do I have to do to be in the Fiverr guidelines I guess.





Are you using an email address, phone number, web site or method of contacting you in your gig or in the Buyer instructions?

If yes, know that Fiverr doesn’t allow communication between Buyer and Seller that is outside or off the Fiverr system and whatever words or symbols you’re trying to include are being flagged by Fiverr’s editors.

If no, try clearing your cache and history. And try another browser. IE and FF are glitchy on Fiverr, but Chrome seems to work well.


Ahh ok, I will try with chrome as I use FF. I haven’t used any direct communication such as email address, phone number or website and this is why it has been so baffling to why I’ve been unable to move ahead.

I’ll give another browser a try other than FF and see how it goes.



Reply to @voiceoverwork:

Still no luck with this. I tried another browser but it still came up with the red tape heading.

kjblynx said: Also remember not to mention anything like 'pay' 'paypal' 'money' 'cash' 'skype' 'email' or anything like '@' or '.com/net/org'

That and don't try to manipulate the system by trying to state these things - ie. 'Skype' as 'Skyp e' stuff like this isn't tolerated and other users will report you for trying to cheat the system. It's uncool.
kingrecruit101 said: what do I have to do to be in the Fiverr guidelines I guess.

Take 5 mins to read the Terms Of Service you agreed to during sign up here at Fiverr:

Have a good one! :)


thanks kjblynx


I have never understood that “Skype” gets flagged, when some featured sellers offer live session gigs via Skype. Thanks


Well I was using the word ‘Skype’ in the gig feature, so that could explain the problem. I don’t see why this is a problem but hey Fiverr perhaps take a different approach to it. Thank you all for your help with this


Reply to @kjblynx: I contacted them and was told it’s about whether or not the editors accept it in your description… does that sound incorrect and if not, is there a proper way to word it? thanks kjblynx, you seem so involved and helpful on here!