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What does this notification mean that WE MOVED YOUR GIG UPDATE ASAP

HI…Im Abro…i have fiverr profile
i saw notification it says WE MOVED YOUR GIG UPDATE ASAP what does it means ?
thank you in advance

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Fiverr probably changed category or sub-category of your gig. And now they are requesting you to update your gig.

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how will i know which gig and what category

You may check your registered email ID. They usually send an email if they do something of that sort.

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just checked…didnt receive any email

Same thing happens to me! How I looking forward?

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If you click the notification message, it should take you to the gig which needs updating. :slightly_smiling_face:

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if i click that it is taking me to my profile with all gig…not to one gig

The only time it’s happened to me,I also got an email. Maybe if you didn’t get an email it’s some sort of bug?


may be because i didnt get any email…how will know now/

We've Moved Your gig. Update ASAP .