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What does your screen name mean?


I’ve finally got an order after 3 months, this is big news, so I decided to go back to the forums.

Today’s topic: What does your screen name mean?

Mine is “cardellio”, which is my last name but wrong. My college cross country coach used to call me that, I don’t know if it was intentional or a nickname. Either way, most people on my team called me that, and here I am. Also the 64 has no meaning but I use to love Mario Kart 64 back in the day so maybe I thought of it subconsciously when creating this username.


Fine, there you go: “Woofy” because in highschool I used to scare the girls by barking like a chihuahua behind their backs. 31 because of some reasons :smiley:


I think for most people, my Fiverr user name is pretty obvious. :wink:


The Psychic Lighthouse, that’s my psychic reading brand but I had to make it tpsylighthouse when I registered


Sorry, but I think I win in that department.


Yep, same for mine. :studio_microphone:


Mine…is a play on my actual name mixed in with what I do; create art


Mine is my first and middle name because my last name is too long to fit anywhere :slight_smile:


Is your last name “Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff” by any chance? :thinking: (it’s the longest name apparently)


My mother’s maiden name is Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenbergerdorff! She married a Vannieuwenhovenschneckenburger.


‘Phantassel’ is between ‘phantom’ (I’m a huge Danny Phantom nerd)
and ‘tassel’ like the ones on graduation caps. Proud of my time in high school. :slight_smile:
‘Art’ is at the end for an obvious reason! :wink:





Explainicks means!

Explaining Robots!
Its 2017 the robotic century :joy:


Hmm. I just don’t see the connection between the “-icks” part of your name, and “robots”. But it is you user name, so yay for some sort of meaning! :smile:


Throwaway name for something I never anticipated sticking around for :confused:


My first and last name.


I got my name 30something years ago from 2 people who had only just met me and it just stuck


Capri: I am a Capricorn
27: Date of birth
94: Year of birth :smiley:


I don’t like to use my real name on internet. So choose a name related to the service I offer. Cg stands for computer graphics or computer generated


I can find no references whatsoever to “Baas” meaning bad odor in India. “Baas” is German… it means “boss”. Perhaps a similar word, with a different spelling means “odor”, but “Baas” does not. I would like to ask you kindly to not stoop to insults in an attempt to be funny.