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What does your username mean?

Is there a story behind it or where does it come from?

Mine came from when I told a friend how to make his website pay it’s own hosting costs + more. Next day I received a message saying “You’re a wizard, Harry!” (And no, my name is not Harry, lol)

Your turn! =D>

I’m a fan of the Simpson’s (Cletus the Slack Jawed Yokel) and a fan of a comic book called “The Goon” by Eric Powell. (In this comic, a large brutish man, along with a short wise cracking spitfire of a guy fight zombies. They call the zombies "Slack Jaws."

And I do voice over work…so TheSlackJaw just seemed to work.

(If you are into comic books check out The Goon. It’s my favorite comic by a large margin. Doesn’t get as much attention as it should.)

Mine’s just really easy.

I do voice over work and translations. Therefore it’s Voice + Text, but I left out the t for marketing reasons.

I signed up with the name Typing Service because I wanted to offer a transcription service. Then I realized how much I hated doing it and deleted the gig.

I’m Typing Service on Fiverr! And no, I don’t offer any typing services…

my name means "for $5 i will let you know " . just joshing, means nothing really, a SUDO.

When I started blogging a couple of years ago, I thought as a writer it would be fun to use the word font but the ideas I had were boring. I was brainstorming with my spouse and we were talking about how one of my favorite research and writing topics included abandoned places and bizarre news. That discussion made us think of the word haunt and fonthaunt became my username! I still like it, so I claimed it on Fiverr. :slight_smile:

Mg means nothing, John is a version of the second part of my first name and the number is my year of birth. I only use this nickname when i need to register somewhere but don’t plan to stick around (yet here i am stuck with the name 2 years later).

Emerald was going to be the name of my daughter (if I ever had one) I ended up with a boy named Talon instead. And, I just liked the name Dawn so to be a little more unique, I added in the extra N…

Emerald is a beautiful name. Hopefully you’ll still get the chance to use it!

My two favorite video games were Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII, so I just combined the names together. Besides, I like the sound of KingdomFantasy.

my username is my first name :slight_smile:

just keep it simple.