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What else you do without freelancing?

Hey Guys,
Hope you all are rocking on fiverr right now! Just now I got a thought that we can start a conversation sharing our feelings and thoughts.

So I started it, I am answering the question first! I do a lot of drawings. Love to read books. And watch movies.

Recently, just watched the Spiderman Homecoming!!!

So share yours too!

And a heartiest warm wishes to everyone! Spread the LOVE!


I’m Fred.
I’m a Sagittarius.
I like short walks to the coffee counter, old school R&B music and lifting heavy things to put them back down.

My soulmate would enjoy Woody Allen movies, music performed by musicians and romantic getaways to the used book store to pour over some positively titled non-fiction book.

Please don’t tell my wife.

Also, my name isn’t Fred.


Where’s your writing gig? :smiley:


I leave that to the professionals. It’s an unfortunate tick of the working musician…I can’t write unless I’m counting to four…


I think I contributed to the derailing of your intention…so I’m gonna go again.

I’m Mooch (stage name… not a product of biker parents or the like).
I’m a commercial artist songwriter and it consumes my every waking moment. In fact… I made my kids learn background vocals just to have time to interact with them (not true… I’ll try to remove the satire).

I write for artists, co-write, perform and record professionally…so my hobbies have become makeshift agent and marketing work. I’ve been a published songwriter and performer since the age of five. I blame all my idiosyncrasies on being a child-performer (which is a redundant phrase since all performers are children, no?).

I’m a weight lifter. That’s like a body builder with a day job…bada bing! I’m in that society of alpha males who appreciate the work of Christopher Hitchens (I’m currently our only member).

The last movie I watched was a documentary on the numerology occurring in Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.”

I’d like my free t-shirt now… We get T-shirts, right?

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Come to my house. I will give you the world’s most delicious coffee. Also you can watch the moon on rooftop…:smiley:

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Should I add it also?? :wink:

I’m confused! Are you really a writer!!???
However, cheers with beers!

Lets have a drink! :smile:

While I appreciate your offer…I’m just not that kind of girl. Listen, I’ve been hurt in the past. My heart is protected by walls. These walls are guarded. It’s gonna take a lot to earn my trust and get me to let you in. So please, don’t rush me. It’s not you - it’s me, I just need time…

…and scene.


:tshirt::tshirt::tshirt: and also :socks:

You can add it to your profile, but I don’t think I’d be your target audience.
I’d probably hire @damooch916 to write me a short ads campaign. At least it would stand out :stuck_out_tongue:
Or if I needed to insult someone in a really polite manner :smiley:

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“Coming this fall…they thought they had destroyed his life…they thought they had destroyed his dreams…they thought he was gone for good… until he returned. On October 20th… shahriar005 is… the Returner-er… (this film is not yet rated).”

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Exactly. This combined with the deep voice from the old trailers - perfect ad :smiley:

OK, I’ll stop now. Sorry shahriar005 for derailing this topic. Feel free to flag me. (Although if you do then I know it’s you and I’ll remember it)

It’s disturbing that we can all hear that voice, right?

Just like when we’re at the doctor and we can all hear Hannibal Lecter… and he’s all saying, “Open the drawers, Clarice… open the packaged utilizes, Clarice… the cut must be precise, Clarice…”

We all have that right?


Yep :slight_smile:

I wasn’t thinking about that, but I will from now on

I do not need to flag it. And why should I? You guys dreaming and I am floating!
Watching the stars on the rooftop of a 11th floor building.
:smiley: So dear, chilax and smileeee!

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You crack me up almost everytime

That’s a bad combo - be careful :wink: