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What exactly are good number of impressions are for a gig for last 7 days? 100,1000,10000 YOUR VIEW?

Just to be curious I want to know what are exactly good number of impressions are for a gig for last 7 days on, 100,1000 or 10000 impressions. I have 2 gigs one has 281 which is going down :frowning: and the other has 1.2K.

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It depends on the niche you are.

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I really don’t think impressions matter all that much. Clicks are more important.

One of my gigs has 18k impressions, the other one has 5.4k, but I’ve been active on fiverr for a long time now and am level 2. What I consider good impressions now isn’t the same as when I first started, and will also change based on your level, your sector, how many gigs you have, etc.


I don’t think impressions matter that much at all. More important to look at clicks versus sales!


I have one gig that shot up to 1.5k impressions within a day of being posted…but maybe 100 clicks and only two sales, both from the same buyer, in 60 days. Then I have another gig that went nowhere for weeks, then for some reason had 200ish impressions, like 150 clicks, and 3 sales in the last two weeks.


I agree. Impressions are meaningless. And even with views, you can have 200 views per day for a gig and close to no buyers. So yes, this doesn’t really matter that much.

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Impressions aren’t a measurement of buyer intent.

You can have 10,000 impressions and be on the wrong track.