What exactly are "Upcoming Earnings"?


I already searched for this and found no answer.

I have delivered 8 sales and have an amount in upcoming earnings that does not correspond to anything that I can see. The 8 sales are not marked complete. The amount I will earn from them does not equal the amount in upcoming earnings.




As I was watching, I withdrew the amount I was allowed to withdraw. That then changed to $0.

My upcoming orders amount went down $12 as a result of that. The Revenues page was not showing my last two orders had cleared which totaled $12, while at the same time, the amount I was allowed to withdraw included that $12.

So now I have lost that $12 from the last two cleared orders.


I did a search on this topic before I posted. I did not find an answer. Thank you for reminding me to search as usual but it did not answer my question so I posted it here. ~X(


For example…

Your “Upcoming Earnings” = $16

You have 2 “Delivered” orders at $4 each, = $8

You have 2 “Active” orders at $4 each, = $8

Total Upcoming Earnings = $16


Upcoming Earnings are from Priority/Active orders. At the moment I don’t have any open orders which were not activated by the buyer, so I’m not sure if this includes those (these are orders in which the buyer for whatever reason never responds to buyer instructions, and the countdown clock never gets started). When you deliver, the funds move to Pending Clearance for the approximately 2 weeks for clearance to happen, when they move into Available Funds. At any given time, there is some overlap as orders move through different statuses AND buyers and sellers move through different time zones AND as different payment methods clear (some buyers use credit cards, some Paypal or Skrill or whatever, and these variations can take time to be resolved and clarified). Also, funds listed under “Sales” are gross amounts, while those under “Revenues” are net.


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