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What exactly are views, impressions, and clicks on fiverr.?

If someone can guide what exactly meant by views, impressions, and clicks on Fiverr.? Not merely in general sense.

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IMPRESSIONS: These are impressions from Fiverr, or the number of times your Gig appeared in the thumbnails (i.e., on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page).
CLICKS: These are clicks from impressions, or the number of clicks after a user saw it once on the homepage, category/subcategory page, search, and user page.
VIEWS: These are total page views, or the number of page views on the actual Gig page.

You can learn more about that here:

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just as an example, i was a bit confused with this data on one of my recently created gig:

Impressions: 29
Clicks: 7
Views: 12

How come this possible that gig was clicked 7 times and viewed 12 times.?

I’m guessing it was viewed by someone that has a direct link to your gig page or your profile. Or maybe by the same person more than once.

When I posted here on the forum for the first time, I got a lot of views on some of my gigs. I then realized they were probably from people who were scrolling through the forum and got curious about me - just that, plain curiosity :wink:


hmm… maybe you are right in a sense that a revisit by same person may not be counted as a new click, but meanwhile adding just to views.


I admit to being still confused about clicks and views too in spite of my best efforts to understand it. However I don’t find it necessary to totally understand it. It is more important when you have your own website and can do things to try to control how many people see your site. Here we are very limited about how much control we have over that.

Views mean when someone actually sees your gig and is looking at it. It does not necessarily have to come from a click. This seems to be the main thing to think about since it shows how many people actually took the time to look at your gig.

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exactly. view is when someone view your gig. and what i think is that if same person clicks on one gig more than once, it does not count as new click. but when he views it again, it is counted as a new view. that’s why views may grow over time, and clicks don’t.

but still even i am not sure exactly, as like you said, we are not monitoring our visitors on this platform. that’s why these might be some wild guess. maybe some day someone from within system itself reveals such hidden element for us.