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What exactly do you do about fiverr scammers?

I have not once had a bad experience using Fiverr, until today.

Unfortunately, i have recently had a pretty bad experience from what i believe to be a total scam artist.
********** claims to create unique Logo designs from scratch.

Here is what the service offers - labled Image one at the bottom

:NOTE: Once i pointed out the fact that she sent me a stolen vector image with nothing more than a Text change, she deleted her custom logo service so you can no longer view it.::

This is what she said when she sent me the finished product. - Labled image 2 at the bottom

Then she changed her story and said this - (underlined in red) labled image 3 at the bottom.

I eventually said she could revise and make new one. But its been 4 days now with no response even though i continuously see her online. She has since removed the service from her profile that i originally purchased and refuses to contact me. Is there anything more i can do about this besides ask for a refund, and what exactly do i do if she refuses the cancellation?

Any and all help would be great!!

Here is the images that go along with the text - since i am a “new user” i can only have 1 image.

To name sellers is against the rules.

My bad.

who exactly do i contact about this then?

Blur the username on the screenshot :wink:

Customer support will help you.

I understand your expectation, and I know what I will say next you will say “But that’s what the seller said they would do!”

However, since you seem like a smart person (reverse searching the image and all), I will tell you this, for $5 you expect a person to spend an hour or two to draw a logo/vector from scratch?

Ask yourself that, is that a real expectation.

Secondly, Fiverr lets anyone do business here and provide a wide variety of service. They do not check for copyright infringement unless you have a damn good case for it.

So, if you wish to just cancel, go ahead and do so.

Good Luck. :thumbsup:


Report your seller to customer service. Also, in future, you night want to avoid ever doing business with someone who calls you dear.

More practically, advise any seller on ordering that if you later find that your logo is plagerized, you will be going straight to both CS and the original copyright holder.


i know, the moment she started calling me dear, i knew it was nothing more then a scam.

I call my customers dear lol :worried:


Oh dear…


There is just something about being called dear!


This is a pretty good idea, add something of the kind for the video people and post it in the ‘Tips for Buyers’ section, that would be a post there that really might help somebody for a change.


I’m guessing that you didn’t do a quick Google image search for “her” profile picture. It’s the same as the profile picture of another seller from the same country, but with a male username. :smile_cat:


As soon as “IT” started called me dear, i assumed it was some old dude from china just trying to make a living by softening up gullible dudes. I knew the profile picture was fake from the beginning without needing a google search, a majority of the people on here use fake pictures, but that doesn’t usually stop them from sending me decent work.

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Why? That’s a name for family members you love, usually – not your customers! LOL

If it’s something like
"Dear so and so," I do it all the time too!
I’m sure if I ever message you in the future I’ll start the message with
"Dear Psychic Bunny, blah blah blah,."

"Hello dear, I have a question…" is…nope. Not right, not in my book!!!

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Hi, :smiley:

Nothing wrong with being a sweet person.
I am the same with my customers. In my
Life I promised myself that I would always
give the benefit of a doubt. I care for people
And I’ll be dammed if I will ever be different.
Sermon done…Jason has spoken Lol

There is a difference between a sincere dear, and a constant “I’m scamming the hell out of your ass dear”. The “Dear” Typical Chinese sweat shop “dear” is pretty easy to pick up on. They are trained to call you dear over and over, before and after every sentence. Almost like they know what your name is, but your name is DEAR. Its not just one dear, its “hello dear, are you happy dear, with your order dear?” ETC. There is nothing sweet about buttering up someone before scamming them.

Hi Tripmoto,

I understand and message received.