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What exactly is fiverr revenue card?


I don’t quite understand what is fiverr revenue card. I mean is it like a gift voucher or some promo code or something to deposit money in bank or something like debit card or what is it. Please help. Any help is appreciated.


The Fiverr Revenue Card is one of Fiverr’s withdrawal providers. Supported through Payoneer and powered by MasterCard, the Fiverr Revenue Card brings your revenues to the palm of your hand, anywhere you go. Please review the fee table associated with the card. Fees are charged by MasterCard. Fiverr does not charge any fees for this card.

Withdrawing your available revenue is done through the Revenues page from your Sales dashboard.

Note: The minimum withdrawal with the FIVERR REVENUE CARD is $5.


When I withdraw through Fiverr revenue card, Where can I use that card? I mean is it like a promo code for specific websites?


You can use it as your regular debit/credit card in your local shops (pos transactions), buying from the internet. It’s actually international so it can be used pretty much everywhere in the world where master card is accepted.


Oh thanks alot!

Is it safe if I give it to someone else like gift card?


Would you give your debit card to someone as a gift? That’s giving them all of your earnings.


That explained everything. Thanks!


The Fiverr Revenue Card is your best withdrawal option if you want to have quick access to your Fiverr earnings. It is a prepaid card offered in partnership with MasterCard and Payoneer.

That means you can use it to transact online, withdraw your earnings on ATM, and even use it on POS.

Though there awaits a charge of minimum $1 for every withdrawal to your card, that could go way up to $3 if you’re anxious to get your money.

I advise you check the Fiverr Revenue Card pricing and fees table before considering this option.

This is permitted for withdrawal up to $5.

If this option is not what you care for possibly because of the fees involved, I will advise using the direct deposit method.

You can simply get a US Bank Account using Payoneer. Simply sign up and heads to your dashboard to locate your US Bank Account from the Receive > Global Payment Service option.

Hope this helps.

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