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What exactly would you make of this?


Message from a buyer:

"I gave you perfect ratings despite the fact that the article is NOT good at all. Was carelessly done and i am very disappointed but i don’t believe in ruining anyone’s rating so i dont disturb their livelihood. My work was carelessly done. THERE IS NO WHERE IN OUR SITE OR WHITEPAPER OR ANYWHERE where we identified with BOLLYWOOD. You just copied and pasted some stuff that had no bearing with our company… including a post baout WESLEY SNIPES PARTNERING WITH US. WHERE THE HELL DID YOU GET THAT?

I will expect you to do the right thing and write original and RELEVANT ARTICLE FOR US AS WE CONTRASTED or I will then file a formal report that will affect your business. I am showing good faith by giving you a good rating before even complaining."

Now just to be clear, I have already removed any identifying business information from the above. Also, I NEVER ask anyone to leave a review good or bad. As for the content being discussed, this person ordered 500-word article and 3 social media posts comprised of 200-words in total.

At no point did I state that the person was connected to celebrities in their article. In the social media posts I delivered, I mentioned trending news stories relevant to this person’s industry (for SEO and SMM purposes) and trending news stories did relate to celebrities/etc.

In short, I feel utterly sick. Is this blackmail? Crossed wires? A direct threat? Why on Earth would someone review an order with 5-stars (without asking for a revision) and then send this?

In any case, I don’t do blackmail or threats and I wish I didn’t have to live in fear of people like this.


Is it possible they ordered content from someone else as well and the message wasn’t meant for you?


I am very sure there might be a mixed up, I will advise you contact the CS about this because if he files a report against you, you will never be favored.


No, this was meant for me and I just replied with:

**Hi, **

**Firstly, I did not say that you were partnering with Wesley Snipes or related to Bollywood. You are referring not to your article but the social media posts which I delivered separately and which are designed to be used on social media to get people excited about relevant news related to a topic. This is how you draw people to your own brand and business. **

I never copy content from elsewhere. I delivered this order exactly as per the service outlined in my gig. If you do not like the social media posts which I delivered, you could have asked for a revision or clarification regarding the choice of topics. Instead, you are attempting to say that both the article and the social media content I supplied was irrelevant and stolen.

I’m sorry but this sounds like you are purposefully attempting to blackmail me and I feel very personally threatened by this message. In this case, I will not be able to help you.

I’m not dealing with people like this. I just re-checked and they DID request a revision on their order (nothing to do with the points they ate now raising) and this was redeliverd within an hour. In this case, I can’t understand what this can possibly be but an attempt to extort more work FOC.


I don’t bother with CS. I have learned that there is never a way to win with Fiverr. If this person does make a complaint which has any kind of effect on me, they will simply find themselves and their nasty MLM scam targeted by my super SEO powers for all the wrong reasons.


OOOOHHHHH now this is some juicy stuff. Can’t wait for the reply.


This person is already using all the content I supplied as is.

What I find interesting is that it is always my cryptocurrency gig which attracts these people.

It used to be my real estate gigs and explainer video gig. What it has never been is my copywriting gig or differently worded explainer video gig. I think this is because these gigs directly attract actual business people rather than wannabe entrepreneurs who dance around like they are hot new SEO marketing companies but are really just business oxygen thieves.

One may have to follow suit with the new Pro in cryptocurrency articles and up prices.


If you want you can send me the article you wrote and I will read it and give an honest opinion, with an eye to whatever their rant was about. I admit to being intrigued by this.

At least you got 5 stars. I know it feels like a sudden attack with an ax when you get this out of the blue but it’s on this mean person, a problem with them, not with you. A sane decent human being would never talk to someone that way.


With the recent slump and so many people backing out, it’s probably having a ripple effect. Even my clients related to crypto are acting “peculiar”.


Another zombie/narcissist from the sound of it. It’s a plague on the human race right now, and that is no exaggeration. They live for the negative reactions they can get.


I just sent you this. See what you think. Honest mistake or purposeful twist of truth.