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What feature is this "AND.CO"?

I have a notification showing on my Fiverr account about joining “AND.CO” . Its written that if you want to grow up your business then you can join this softwsre and can make customize proposals. Is there any one who is using this thing? or can help me.
Thank you :hugs:


It is what it says, “Do what you love.
We’ll handle the paperwork.
From proposal to payment, AND.CO takes the headache out of freelancing, so you can get back to the work that drives you.

No I am not using it right now, may be later.


Ok but do you know about it’s features ???


Now called AND CO from Fiverr, this SaaS application helps freelancers make more money by taking the friction out of freelancing. It manages tasks, tracks time, sends out invoices, and accepts payments, all on one platform. So you can focus on why you started your business in the first place—to create.
I hope you get your answer :hugs:


Thank you so much!!! :smiley:

&Co is a - mostly! - paid service to help busy sellers with project management.

The only part of that I’ve used is the timer (a free to use bit, last time I used it), to help work out how much time a task needs.

Usually forgot to turn it off … stopped using it as a result …


Ok thank you so much for your help

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It’s awesome definitely a must-try

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Thank you, I will :grinning: