What features do YOU think Fiverr should add or bring back?


My suggestions:

I would love it if Fiverr would consider instant payments for trusted and long-term sellers kind of like how eBay does it. For instance, if a seller makes a certain amount of sales or been an active seller for a certain period of time, instant payments should be a perk. I understand why it takes 14 days, but I think if a buyer is satisfied with their order and marks the order complete by leaving a positive feedback, then funds should be immediately released. If a person gets a negative review, then the payments may have to wait up to 21 days.

I would like for Fiverr to bring back the ability to see when someone has seen/read your message.


I’d like to see if a buyer has read/seen my message, I’m nosy
Hmmm, block feature to prevent a certain buyer from messaging you or buying your gigs again


Oh yeah! i’ll like that block feature too.


Blocking a buyer from messaging you is a thing now. When you flag a user a pop up appears asking you if you want to block.

Works like a charm! :slight_smile:


Oh okay I didn’t know it worked now. A few years ago, it didn’t work right, so I haven’t used it since then.


The video icon on gig preview images should be replaced with a small one on a corner, kind of like what they have now in Whiteboard animation category.


mmm, but that would work the other way round too…


Yeah it is for all the video & animation categories.


I think each time a gig gets 10 5 star reviews within a week that gig should get 24 hours on the first row of the search.


Fiverr Should add certified tutorial for beginners


Oh I would love that Crystal!


No, that will make people divide jobs that are bigger, and people would give discounts to customers if they were willing to place 5 orders instead of one.


Then I think there should be a reward of some kind for sellers who are doing exceptionally well consistently, such as being on the top row once a week.


Yes, that’s a better idea. Maybe even that you get it as a sort of joker, so you can use it as a booster when you’re not too busy.


If you did that, you’d have to stop people getting 5 stars for anything and everything, good delivery or utter rubbish. But as I’m all for that happening, I agree.


This one is more for the app, rather than anything else, but the addition of a consistent timer for orders would be nice. If I know I’ve got orders, I like knowing exactly how much time I’ve got to complete them and send them off. When you’re on the site it’s perfect, but on the Fiverr app itself it has no such thing - that I’m aware of anyways.

The best you’ll get is a very general “this order is due today” or whatever else, which isn’t all that helpful in the long run. It’s a very small thing, but it’s one of the very few features I’ve been hoping for for quite some time now; but alas to no avail so far!


There is a timer on the app.

@psychicbunny some of the buyers who are constantly asking about how its going every 5 minutes yet the delivery date is in 3 days, will also see you have read there messages. I would like that.
The pay thing would be great. Mayb even a week. Two weeks is too much.


That would be great, if sellers can see the Reviews left for buyers on their profile same as buyers can see sellers ratings & reviews in sellers profiles. It was an active feature few years back. But suddenly disappeared.


Lmao when I get a buyer who asks me when their order is ready anytime before the end date I automatically cancel their order.


mine is more about getting rid of something: the gig package.

I don’t need it, don’t use it, and I can’t get rid of it.
It would be nice if it became optional.