What Fiverr Is To Different People


For some, Fiverr.com is a silly afternoon with friends. For some, it’s a hobby that brings hours of joy. And still for others it’s a way of life. My ultimate goal right now is to become a full-time Fiverr seller. For me, I wish I could make all my income on Fiverr.

And then, you hear about those success stories of people who make $50k+ per year just selling on Fiverr.

At what level do you find yourself in your own personal Fiverr journey at the moment? Are you interested in moving up? Do you, like me, have a dream of making it as a full time Fiverr seller?

It’s interesting to see what Fiverr truly means to different people!


Right now, as a buyer, fiverr means that I can spend a little more time working on the back end of my blogs and spend a little extra time writing blog posts, and a little less time taking photos and doing illustrations.


Part time job for me!

I could probably do it full time if I added more gigs that took me less time to do per gig as right now my gigs take me forever to do, lol!


I’ve freelanced all my life, so it is no different than anything else I have done. What it does do is open me up to a world of talent at an affordable price that can assist me in the things that take some people minutes to do, but me hours to do. Also, I can compensate for my shortcomings by offering my strengths here. So once you bypass and learn to recognize the scammers, it is a win win situation.


I am fairly new, but for me Fiverr is an extension of my work as a freelance translator and, since it is often on a smaller scale than what I do elsewhere, it is something that I can much easier “squeeze in” between other obligations and areas of life. My goal is to get 500 gigs this year, which is a tall order as I have not yet reached 20! (I might change it to earning $500, which is a bit more reasonable.)

Because my translation orders here are often smaller than elsewhere, I am going to be able to keep working on Fiverr even when I get a full-time job, so I see myself being a happy member of this site for a very long time!


I hope to become a full-time Fiverr seller


I like Fiverr but i only take it as a part-time job and i don’t want to work full time here because my wish is to work with my passion (artisan craft). But Fiverr helped me a lot and thanks to it, i can buy material with the Fiverr income. ^^


FT hours, but, the income hasn’t followed suit, yet. I just restructured my gigs, so, it should happen soon enough.


For me, Fiverr is a part-time job’s worth of income, though I would LOVE to make enough to supplement my income fully on here. I figure as long as I keep working at it, it might happen someday! :smiley: